What is the Average Elevation Gain of a Typical Bike Ride in Los Angeles County?

Are you looking for a challenging bike ride in Southern California? Before you set out on your adventure, make sure you have all the necessary items with our interactive checklist. One of the toughest bike rides in the area is Baldy Road, located 45 miles from downtown Los Angeles. This route is popular among hikers, tourists, and cyclists alike. With an average temperature of 65 degrees Fahrenheit year-round, Los Angeles is the perfect place to go biking. The climb up Baldy Road starts at its “T” intersection with N.

We recommend stopping at Mt. Baldy Post Office before the mountain. Turn left and stay on Baldy Road until kilometer 9.7, where the forks begin. The ¼ mile that leads to the mountain is the steepest part of the entire climb, with an average of 13.3%.Bike elevation gain is the total number of feet you ascend in a ride.

If you're training for a competitive hill race or want to improve your climbing skills, most cyclists consider an increase in elevation of 100 feet per mile, or 1,000 feet per 10 miles, to be the benchmark for a good climbing route. The fifth toughest bike climb in the United States can be accessed by turning left on Falls Road, about 100 meters from the mountain. And before you go biking at dusk in Santa Monica, make sure to keep your head safe with a cool bike helmet. The Ballona Creek Bike Trail is a 7.4-mile paved, car-free bike path that takes you from Culver City directly to Playa del Rey beach. Cyclists on this bike path enjoy the calm sea breeze in the evenings and enjoy the beauty and wildlife of the wetlands. The Marvin Braude Bike Trail (also known as The Strand) is a trail that crosses the California coast for 21 miles from Torrance County Beach to Will Rogers State Beach. With an average temperature of around 65 degrees Fahrenheit year-round, Los Angeles almost always has a perfect climate for cycling. So if you're looking for a challenging bike ride in Southern California, consider taking on Baldy Road or one of these other great routes.

Make sure to bring all your safety gear and check out our interactive checklist before you set out on your adventure!.

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