Exploring the Longest and Most Exciting Bike Rides in Los Angeles County

If you're looking for a great way to explore Los Angeles County, why not hop on your bike? There are plenty of long and exciting bike rides in the area that offer stunning views, peaceful trails, and plenty of opportunities to get some exercise. From the River Path to the Marvin Braude Coastal Bike Trail, here are some of the best bike rides in Los Angeles County. The River Path, San Gabriel Bike Path, and Rio Hondo Bike Path all offer long stretches of class 1 flat bike paths. One lesser-known option is the road that runs parallel to a small but always audible stream, fed by a dam upstream. Often shaded by trees and mountains, this road offers cyclists a cool and relaxed ride.

It's just you, your bike, a bubbling stream, and the San Gabriel Mountains. There are plenty of picnic tables along the road, so you can stop and get something to eat or just enjoy the scenery. Remember that you are in the Los Angeles National Forest and you will have to pack any garbage you bring. In addition to its haunting beauty, the road is closed to public vehicle traffic. You may pass by a car or truck driven by a public works employee, but they are courteous and know that they should pay attention to cyclists and hikers.

Foot traffic, especially on weekends, can be high for the first mile or so. Once you pass through the main recreational and fishing areas, it's like you're alone in the forest. So remember to let someone know where you're going and when they can expect you to return. And check for unwanted changes in weather forecasts and in the conditions of the Los Angeles National Forest before you go. The Ballona Creek trail allows Angelenos to travel 7.4 miles without cars directly to the beach.

The trail begins near the intersection of Jefferson and National Boulevards, where it is bumpy and in poor condition for about the first mile. The best thing to do is take the Duquesne Avenue trail in Culver City and head to the beach. If you go in the afternoon, you'll likely have to deal with a slight headwind as you head west. On the bright side, this will turn into a big downwind on the way back. You'll find drinking fountains along the trail, in adjacent parks and parks.

Biking along the Pacific Coast is paradise, especially the 22 miles of the Marvin Braude Coastal Bike Trail. The trail runs between Will Rogers State Beach in Pacific Palisades and Torrance Beach, connecting to the Ballona Creek trail so you can cycle from Culver City to Palos Verdes if you have the time and energy. If you're an avid cyclist, you probably know this path already but it's worth mentioning because it's great. Cycling conditions are usually mild but the trail can be crowded and sandy, especially on weekends and in parts that cross Santa Monica and Venice. Monday-Friday nights during summer are perfect. There are many facilities at regular intervals along this road.

The county even provides a useful map. On the coast, the trail is interrupted twice: once in Marina del Rey where it circumnavigates around a marina and you'll ride a bike path along Washington Boulevard for a while; and again in Hermosa Beach where you can choose between strolling along The Strand (often crowded on weekends) or along Hermosa Avenue (very cold).While it's not particularly picturesque, you'll be in good company while cycling in the Rose Bowl. The Rose Bowl Loop consists of a 3-mile circuit around the stadium, its parking lots and a golf course. Both cyclists and runners use this circuit for basic training.

While it's not as adventurous as other attractions, this is a great place to get in shape. The circuit has a gentle slope which gives you an opportunity to practice climbing and descending uphill. Traffic is light and respectful as there are many other cyclists and runners in vicinity. As you ride your bike, remember that you should stay to left of areas designated for walkers and runners. There are also drinking fountains and restrooms closer to stadium unless there's an event going on; it's never bad time to race in Rose Bowl. Even at night there are lot of people in surrounding area and roads are mostly well lit; if driving at night make sure your front & rear lights are working. If you want to cycle far away without much trouble (or without having good landscapes), there are several different river trails that pass through large swaths of Los Angeles; these long routes are like highways for bicycles. A little closer to L.

A., there's a river bike path that runs between Griffith Park & Elysian Park which is ideal for cycling; Arroyo Seco Trail which runs through northeast Los Angeles is another good option albeit short - less than 3 miles long. Probably best urban park in world Griffith Park offers all kinds of options for different driving styles; if want go for quiet & relaxed ride take trip to Crystal Springs Drive & Zoo Drive; if want climb bit complete circuit by adding Griffith Park Drive - these two routes are easy well-paved & have large lanes or shoulder areas to travel; traffic rarely problem but park gets busy on weekends. If want exercise Griffith Park has many hills including Mount Hollywood which is crossed by multitude of passable roads that allow raise body & heart rate; we recommend exploring park going up Commonwealth Avenue to Griffith Park helipad crossing Mount Hollywood & going back down Vermont Canyon - this route has two climbs marked by some plains & descents; be sure visit Observatory while on move. If new world of bike climbing most efficient way do it is use easy gear & turn quickly - may feel like legs burning but that means doing it right; won't take long climb any hills of Elysian Park &....

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