Exploring Bike-Friendly Attractions in Los Angeles County

If you're looking for a great way to discover the many faces of Los Angeles County, then biking is the perfect way to do it. From the Orange Line subway bike path to the Arroyo Seco bike path, there are plenty of options for cyclists of all levels. The Marvin Braude bicycle trail, also known as “The Strand”, is a 22-mile paved bike path that runs along the coast of Los Angeles County, from the north terminal of Will Rogers State Beach to the south terminal at Torrance County Beach. This trail offers a long stretch of flat, well-maintained surface for pedaling that is ideal for children.

For mountain bikers and hybrid bikers, there is an unpaved section of the Los Angeles River Trail that stretches 1.3 miles through the center of the basin. At 80 acres, Lake Balboa Park is a great place to get away from it all and enjoy some outdoor activities such as biking trails, barbecues and more than 2000 cherry blossoms. For a list of all trails in Los Angeles County, visit the Department of Parks and Recreation website. Los Angeles County is becoming increasingly bike-friendly with initiatives like the Los Angeles County Bike Plan.

Cycling is becoming more popular in Los Angeles County, especially near its coastal cities and in larger metropolitan parks. Soon you'll pass the Los Angeles Live Steamers Railroad, a museum and miniature railroad, and a half mile later you'll arrive at a three-way stop on Riverside Drive.

Adam Martabano
Adam Martabano

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