Exploring the Best Road Biking Routes in Los Angeles County

Los Angeles County is a great destination for road biking, offering plenty of routes to suit cyclists of all levels. From the Rose Bowl Loop to the River Bike Path, Griffith Park and the Long Beach Trail, there are plenty of options for those looking for a leisurely ride or an intense workout. The Rose Bowl Loop is a 3-mile circuit around the stadium, its parking lots and a golf course. It's a popular spot for cyclists and runners alike, and is usually well-lit at night.

The River Bike Path runs between Griffith Park and Elysian Park, making it ideal for cycling. Griffith Park is one of the best urban parks in the world, with plenty of options for different riding styles. For a quiet ride, take a trip to Crystal Springs Drive and Zoo Drive. If you're looking for a challenge, add Griffith Park Drive to your circuit.

These two routes are easy, well-paved and have large lanes or shoulder areas to travel. The 22-mile bike path that runs almost the entire length of Los Angeles is perfect for those looking for a scenic ride. Starting at Will Rogers State Beach, it goes through Santa Monica, Venice and Manhattan Beach before winding its way to Torrance County. The vast majority of the path is just for bikes, although you'll have to share parts of the road with pedestrians.

The Ballona Creek Trail is another great option. This seven-mile trail starts just a few blocks from Culver City's E (Expo) line stop and extends to the Pacific Ocean. It's mostly flat, but be sure to check the weather in the winter months; the river-level route can quickly flood and be blocked during heavy rains. Griffith Park is also great for biking, with plenty of hills and passable roads that allow you to raise your body and your heart rate.

Be sure to visit the Observatory while you're on the move! Finally, don't forget about Long Beach's Shoreline Trail. This beloved trail starts at Shoreline Village and crosses the city's stretch of sandy beach before ending near Bay Shore Avenue. No matter what kind of ride you're looking for, Los Angeles County has something for everyone. So grab your helmet and get ready to explore some of the best bike trails in Los Angeles!.

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