Exploring Bike-Friendly Cafes in Los Angeles County: A Guide for Cyclists

Biking in Los Angeles can be a great way to get around, enjoy the climate, and exercise. But it can also be a dangerous task, with 96 bicyclists having died on Los Angeles highways over the past five years. Despite this, 3% of L. A.

residents still choose to bike for their daily trips. We spoke to two of these cyclists, Michael Runnels and Lena Williams, to find out why they ride bicycles in Los Angeles and how they manage to have fun despite the inconvenience. Michael and Lena have seen the inequality of the city through their thin rubber tires, from the smooth pavements of some neighborhoods to the potholes of others. They both found biking to be a great way to stay safe from harassment and to connect with their community. They also appreciate the natural world and are advocating for a city with a safer and more connected transport infrastructure. The Bicycle Kitchen was founded in 2000 with only 30 people who rode bicycles as a means of transportation.

Two years later, they had been on bike rides at night in themed costumes with 2000 or 3000 people deep in Los Angeles. This was revolutionary for the city and showed that biking could be fun. A change in state law last year gave local officials some leeway, allowing Los Angeles to lower speed limits on major corridors for the first time in decades. This is making biking safer and more enjoyable for cyclists like Michael and Lena. The Department of Transportation is also testing universal basic mobility, a program that provides South Los Angeles residents with cheaper and cleaner options for getting around. Downtown Los Angeles is a mostly flat, bicycle-friendly network that offers plenty of places for the intrepid explorer.

The newest skyscrapers are mostly located west of Pershing Square, and Broadway is full of art deco buildings. So if you're looking for bike-friendly cafes in Los Angeles County, you're in luck! There are plenty of places to explore on two wheels. Whether you're looking for cumbia concerts, punk shows, tacos, attractions for drunks, or parties - there's something for everyone! So grab your bike and get ready to explore all that Los Angeles has to offer.

Adam Martabano
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